Ordering Guidance

You may also need to note that:
  • We will begin to process your order upon receipt of your payment and an email will be sent to you for order confirmation then.
  • You may check order status and track the parcel(s) in My Orders after logging into your account on our site.
  • You may click here for more information about shipping.

Now let's start shopping

Step 1: Add the items you want into your Shopping Bag.

1.1 Select the option, color or quantity if necessary. For some items, we may recommend an option for you. Just click Check My option;

1.2 Click on “ADD TO CART” then "CART" page will show up.

1.3 Clink on " CHECK OUT"  to go to  the Cart page.

Step 2: Check out the item in the Cart page.

2.1.Click on “CHECKOUT ”  to place the order.

Step 3: Complete shipping and billing information.

3.1 Fill in contact information: Email、name、 address、phone

3.2 Fill the "Discount code", then click on " Apply"

3.3 Click on "Continue to shipping" to Payment page

Step 4: Complete the payment.

4.1 Click on “Continue to payment”

4.2 Select the payment method, then click on the yellow button to complete the purchase